Air traffic controller

Air traffic controller

An air traffic controller is a person who controls air traffic. It does all this with the help of a visual method or radar in order to conduct a safe and smooth flow of air traffic. His duties also include managing crisis situations.

Air traffic controller is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. People applying for this position should be very resistant to stress, because their responsibility for thousands of people is so high that not everyone can work in this position. There may be several flights in the sky at a time, which for an ordinary person would be impossible to handle and ensure their safety. The controller must observe both atmospheric phenomena and military flights.


A candidate for the position of Air Traffic Controller should have the following skils:


Work for air traffic controller

Every year, more than 1,000 candidates apply to the British Air Navigation Services Agency to work as an air traffic controller. The recruitment process is multi-stage, the first is to pass the substantive exams. Then they learn regulations, aviation phraseology, aviation procedures, navigation, emergency procedures, reading air messages, meteorology, the principles of radar operation, navigation aids, aircraft construction and English. After the whole stage of learning, the best are selected who pass to the simulator stage, where in controlled conditions, they learn the basics of the work of an air controller. After all the exams, they learn to work under the supervision of instructors for about a year. Only after all courses and exams can they obtain an air traffic controller license.


Salary of Air Traffic Controller earn?

The salary for an air traffic controller are not clear-cut, its calculation includes the volume of traffic, employee experience, internship allowance, operating allowance, allowance for work at night, on public holidays and an allowance for performing the function. The average earnings of an air traffic controller are in the amount of 100K GBP a year.