Balneologist - Balneology - Balneotherapy

Balneologist - Balneology - Balneotherapy

A balneologist is a specialist who uses natural resources such as peloid, mineral waters and sulphide and hydrogen sulphide acids in his treatment of patients. He deals with treatment, rehabilitation and prophylaxis, helps after heart attacks, hypertension or coronary diseases. His scope of specialization also includes helping with multiple sclerosis, sciatica, migraine and Parkinson's disease.

In addition to the above-mentioned diseases, the balneologist also helps with skin problems, recommends inhalations with symptoms of respiratory problems, and with appropriate baths can help in the treatment of obesity. Most often, we can meet a balneologist in sanatoriums, spa hospitals, natural medicine institutions or spas. The balneologist performs electromyography, ultrasound or X-ray tests, tests and writes an appropriate referral for treatment and selects appropriate treatments depending on the patient's ailments and diseases. The most common are peloid wraps, inhalations or peloid baths.


There is quite a lot of choice in baths and he can choose a bath, of course it depends on the patient's illness:


The most famous balneological treatments are also drinking treatments. This treatment is based on the consumption of mineral water, which has a very positive effect on health. Mineral waters contain many beneficial ingredients for the respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems. However, it is the balneologist who will refer the patient to such treatment. Caring for the improvement of the patient's quality of life, help with his fitness and endurance, the balneologist should direct his attention to spa medicine. The climate and surroundings are conducive to the treatment of patients in appropriate climatic conditions and have a beneficial effect on the revitalization of the patient than therapy in ordinary home conditions. Combining several treatments and even therapeutic programs has the greatest effect in curing the patient.


In diseases and in the balneology department, there are also contraindications for patients who suffer from: