Bariatrician Cambridge - Obesisty treatment Cambridge

Bariatrician Cambridge - Obesisty treatment Cambridge

Bariatrics in Cambridge is a branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of overweight and obesity in children and adults. The main effects of obesity are heart disease, diabetes, cancer, bone and skeletal disorders, and sleep apnea. Obese people should seek help from a bariatric specialist as soon as possible. Conventional obesity treatment also includes pharmacotherapy. Medicines prescribed by a doctor have a different range of effects. These include pharmaceuticals that reduce the absorption of fats from the digestive tract, drugs that reduce appetite and the feeling of hunger.

Obesity was considered a disease more than 50 years ago. The World Health Organization (WHO) entered it on the International List of Diseases and Health Problems under the code E66. In United Kingdom, this list has been in force since 1996.

The bariatrics outpatient clinic in Cambridge specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of obesity and qualification for gastric reduction surgery. It provides professional and caring care, short waiting times for an appointment, and well-equipped medical facilities. It works comprehensively, bringing together in one place the offer of doctors of various specializations - including dieticians, psychologists and gastrologists - which guarantees better results of therapy.


Obesity treatment in Cambridge - where and how to start?

Before starting the proper treatment of obesity, you should see a psychologist, nutritionist and internist. These specialists will look for the reasons that led to the accumulation of unnecessary kilograms, assess the current state of health, and then together, after consultation, propose the appropriate procedure. Treatment of morbid obesity is usually a long-term process. In most cases, bariatric procedures, and even drugs, are not covered by the NHS or are insufficiently covered.


At the obesity treatment specialists in Cambridge, the patient is looked after by a team of specialists: bariatrician, dietitian, surgeon, psychologist, and physiotherapist. Thanks to their knowledge and support, it is easier to achieve your ideal weight. To make the weight loss as effective as possible, the program is adjusted to the appropriate age, gender, type of obesity and possible accompanying diseases. The entire treatment process begins with a visit to a bariatrician who will guide you through the treatment process. People aged 16 and over are eligible for the program. Surgical treatment is currently the most effective treatment option for patients with morbid obesity. It provides a significant and long-lasting reduction in body weight, obesity-related complications, especially type 2 diabetes and hypertension, reduces the risk of death and improves the quality of life.


Before obesity treatment specialists in Cambridge take up the fight against obesity in the patient, they must comprehensively and individually approach the patient. Each patient undergoes detailed diagnostics. In the first stage, body weight is measured and the patient's health is assessed. Then screening is performed, which will allow you to diagnose diseases that are the cause of excess weight, such as:



Or the patient's conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, gastroesophageal reflux disease, heart failure, vitamin D deficiency, and functional lung diseases. The main indication for screening is the lack of weight loss effects, recurrent overweight despite maintaining a proper diet and the presence of metabolic health problems. Most often, patients are recommended to put on a gastric balloon. The balloon is recommended for people whose body mass index (BMI) ranges from 30 to 40. It is one of the simplest bariatric treatments in the fight against obesity. This method is safe, effective and effective. The procedure itself involves placing a small balloon in the patient's stomach, which is filled with saline. This method is very effective and patients lose as much as 15-20 kg within 6 months of placing the balloon.


What are the causes of obesity?

The cause of obesity is an unbalanced balance between the energy consumed with food and its consumption, e.g. eating too much with too little physical activity. However, the causes are not always due to an incorrect diet and an inappropriate lifestyle. In some people, genetic factors, defined as the tendency or tendency to gain weight, are indicated as the cause of obesity.