Buying a property in Poland - How to buy a house, flat in Poland?

Buying a property in Poland - How to buy a house, flat in Poland?

Buying a real estate, i.e. a house or a flat in Poland, is a process for which you should be properly prepared. It is important to get to know the market, all legal and tax issues, and start your search for real estate by determining your expectations, needs and financial possibilities.


When we determine our financial possibilities, whether it is in terms of buying real estate for cash or on a loan, it is worth considering whether to decide to buy a flat or a house. According to Eurostat data, as many as 57% of Poles live in single-family houses, and about 35% decide to live in apartment blocks. The remaining 9% are residents of multi-family houses, such as terraced houses and semi-detached houses.


It is also worth considering whether the purchase of real estate will be in the primary or secondary market. Buying an apartment in Poland from the primary market concerns the purchase of premises built by a developer or construction companies, which are prepared for a completely own arrangement. The secondary market, on the other hand, concerns real estate that has already had at least one owner and is commonly known as used real estate that requires renovation or major renovation. An important issue is the location that will meet all the most important needs, such as proximity to public transport, schools for children, proximity to work and / or the time needed to reach it, or entertainment zones. It must be taken into account that the price of the property will depend on the attractiveness of the location and all related amenities. The very price of a flat or a house presented by the seller is not the only cost to be prepared for. If you decide to buy a flat or a house for cash, you should add: a notary fee (PLN 1010 and an additional 0.4% of the surplus above PLN 60,000), establishment of a land and mortgage register (PLN 200), entry of ownership in the book (0.1 % of the value of the flat), tax on civil law transactions (we are exempt from the so-called PCC in the case of purchase from the primary market). In the case of purchase with a mortgage, the so-called own contribution for the bank, bank commissions and special loan insurance should be added to the above-mentioned costs.

As for legal formalities, in the case of a cash purchase of real estate in Poland, first of all, it is necessary to verify the land and mortgage register of the real estate and prepare an appropriate purchase and sale agreement on the basis of which the final agreement will be concluded in the form of a notarial deed. More formalities await the buyer when buying with a mortgage, because the bank will require: the legal status of the property (secondary market), presentation of a developer agreement (primary market), a preliminary contract for the purchase of a flat or house (secondary and primary market), valuation of the property being purchased real estate with an expert opinion, documents confirming identity and creditworthiness, and confirmation of own contribution.


Buying a house or flat by foreigner in Poland

Buying a house or flat in Poland by foreginer, citizen of a country in the European Union does not require special permits.

More formal and legal issues arise when foreigners purchase real estate, especially if they come from outside the European Union. Foreigners are recommended to use professional real estate agencies that know how to carry out the correct purchase transaction and help in completing the documentation. Such a comprehensive service is provided by from Warsaw, Poland.


Moving to Poland

If you are thinking about moving to Poland, you need a professional company that will take care of the moving team and proper transport. When packing valuable items, remember to properly secure them and label them, because it will significantly help when unpacking boxes and furniture in a new home. Remember that when moving to Poland, it is worth using a moving company that from A to Z will take care of packing, transporting and bringing things to a new home, apartment in Poland. will help you find a professional moving company.