Carpenter Manchester

Carpenter Manchester

A carpenter is a craftsman who provides wooden services. Provides services related to the assembly, processing and repair of wooden elements. This profession requires extensive knowledge of the category of trees, assessment of their quality as well as application. The work of a carpenter requires manual skills, spatial imagination and reading of technical drawings. He should be a strong, healthy manager with falcon eyesight. To become a carpenter, you must finish a basic vocational school in carpentry, you can finish woodworking techniques or gain a profession in vocational courses. After completing these schools, you must take the preparatory exam and then the apprentice exam. The next way to raise qualifications is the master's exam, which helps a lot with its high earnings.


We distinguish several titles of these craftsmen:


Carpenters in Manchester


  1. Manchester Carpentry, 95 Northumberland Rd, Old Trafford, Stretford, Manchester M16 9PY, Phone number: 07984528617

  2. NiRN Carpentry & Building Services, 11 Bosworth St, Manchester M11 3AP, Phone number: 07737342933

  3. Shelterstone Carpentry & Joinery, Flat 5, Regent Court, 155 Withington Rd, Whalley Range, Manchester M16 8EE, Phone number: 07776421081

  4. Eddie Garside Carpenter and Cabinet Maker, 62 Northumberland Rd, Old Trafford, Stretford, Manchester M16 9PP, Phone number: 07557367937

  5. DECNA JOINERY & CARPENTRY, 10 Palatine Court, Denton, Manchester M34 3JW, Phone number: 01613709410


Manchester Furniture Carpenter

A furniture carpenter is a craftsman who combines different types of furniture based on sketches and designs. Our profession also includes furniture repair and renovation. They use manual and mechanized tools to accomplish this. A furniture carpenter works in furniture companies, furniture factories or has his own carpentry workshop where he manufactures custom-made furniture in Manchester

A furniture carpenter deals with:

fitting furniture components,

furniture fitter,

furniture repair and renovation,

furniture maintenance and varnishing,

making furniture for the client's project


Manchester Construction Carpenter

A Construction Carpenter - constructor is a craftsman who requires in the workshops elements of wood used to finish the equipment. He is able to assemble them at the construction site, also deal with the installation of doors and windows and provide services in finishing works. The basic set is properly embedded elements in the building structure. Fastening them with different types of steel anchors, wedges and screws. First of all, you should apply health and safety rules during work. A construction carpenter is a strenuous profession, all the time spent outdoors, in any weather, all day standing or in a bent position. His work is team-based and usually requires the cooperation of one or more employees.