Corby Psychologist - Psychological Counseling Corby

Corby Psychologist - Psychological Counseling Corby

A psychologist in Corby is a person who has the full range of powers to provide psychological assistance to those who require it. This is a person who completed a master's (second degree) studies in psychology. The profession of a psychologist focuses primarily on two types of activities. One group consists of diagnostic competences and activities, the other - providing psychological help.

People who struggle with some problems arising, for example, as a result of certain traumas (it may be difficult childhood, loss of a child, death of a loved one, loneliness) should contact the nearest Psychological Clinic. Nowadays, we do not have regionalization, so we can seek help outside our place of residence. It is worth asking for free psychotherapy in Crisis Intervention Centers and Psychological and Pedagogical Clinics.


What does a psychologist do?


Corby Adult Psychological Counseling

Corby Adult Psychology Counseling Services do not provide therapy or prescribe drug treatment. If there is a need, they refer their patient to psychotherapy or other specialists, e.g. a psychiatrist.

A visit to a psychologist under health insurance requires a referral from the GP. You can also see a psychologist privately without a referral. The visit is then payable.


Child Psychologist - Corby

Psychologists are in great demand in schools and educational centers, where they help not only students, but also conduct teacher training. Every big or small person has problems in his life, so many parents struggle with problems in raising their children. If you notice such problems in children as:



Dear Parent, turn to a Child Psychologist for help, there are many good specialists in the country dealing with children who cannot cope in their lives. When looking for an NHS Child Psychologist in Corby we have a very large list of such specialists.


Corby Couples Psychologist - Corby Marriage Counseling

The psychologist primarily helps people who struggle with some problems as a result of certain traumas and crises in the family. Often, sessions for couples or entire families are held in psychological offices. Crisis in marriage or informal relationships occurs regardless of their age. A very common cause of a crisis in a relationship is the lack of communication, workaholism, imposing one's own arguments by one of the people in the relationship. If, after several attempts to resolve the crisis, the couple fail to reach an agreement, it is worth visiting a therapist or psychologist. It's best to meet at a couples therapy then, such a specialist will help us in a crisis that the relationship is going through.