Interior Designers in Preston, Blackburn and Burnley

Interior Designers in Preston, Blackburn and Burnley

In the project of changing the interior of our house or apartment or office, can help us specialists such as:

An interior designer is a person who deals with interior decoration and design. You don't really need to have a specific education. Theoretically, it can be anyone who has artistic skills, spatial imagination and a special aesthetic sense. Such a person thinks about the functionality of all rooms, living space, convenience for residents and furniture settings. The interior should be arranged so that people using it feel comfortable. The scope of interior decorator's work includes:- implementation of the project with other professionals,

Interior designer with higher education has a greater chance of finding a job and clients. He can set up his own business, expand his knowledge and take care of his marketing. The most important in this profession is spatial imagination, aesthetic sense, creativity and negotiation skills. The interior designer after talking to the client learns about his needs and expectations. He creates a design presenting what color he will use on the walls, furniture, tiles and other decorations.

The interior designer process takes several forms, here is the order:

1. Meeting - interior decorator sets the client's needs, expectations and financial possibilities

2. Measurements - the designer meets the client at the place where the work is to be done, takes measurements and pictures

3. Conceptual design - the designer is doing the conceptual design of the room development

4. Detailed design - this design enables the best interior implementation that has been agreed with the client

5. Author's supervision - the interior designer watches and oversees the implementation of the project

6. Finalization of the project - the interior designer takes care of every detail, detail and addition

Interior design can have several styles of individual designs. Each customer is an individualist when it comes to his vision of the interior. He may ask for a design like:

 - style blends

 - electric

- industrial

- classic

- loft

- modern

- provencal

- ultramodern


Interior Decorator in Blackburn, Burnley and Preston

The interior decorator deals with the renovation of the living room, kitchen or bathroom. He tries to change the arrangement of the room, give a new character to the room. In this case, the decorator cooperates with the designer and can suggest the best solution. The decorator will help to choose specific materials, familiarize us with product samples, prepare a price offer and will accompany us in the process of order fulfillment.


Interior architect in Burnley, Preston and Blackburn


The interior architect deals with works involving the arrangement of water, gas, electricity, walls and doors. Initially proposes the arrangement of furniture and household appliances. The interior architect remodels the interior so that it is functional and at the same time creates an atmosphere according to the residents' preferences. Any changes must be made in accordance with the Building Law. In planning space, an interior designer takes into account colors, style, texture, acoustic properties, durability, fire resistance, toxicity, as well as standards for people with disabilities.

Recommended Decorators, Designers and  Architects 


Let's look for a good interior designer in Preston, Blackburn and Burnley, who are recommended by customers and have used the services of an interior decorator and are worth recommending.

Interior Architect try to make the client's space unique, functional and tailored to the needs.

Below you will find a list with designers, decorators and architects

  1. Inside Studio Ltd, The Coach House, 5 E Cliff, Preston PR1 3JE, phone. +44 1772 200727
  2. Francis Roberts Architects, 1 Ribblesdale Pl, Preston PR1 3NA, phone. 01772 562221
  3. H & S Interiors, Forrest St, Blackburn BB1 3BB, phone. 070 1747 5038
  4. BAYO Design Interior Design Studio, 63 Venice Ave, Burnley BB11 5LH, phone. 07401 653194
  5. PD Designs, Browhead Works, Eastern Ave, Burnley BB10 2AP, phone. 01282 602222