Felixstowe fireplaces installation

Felixstowe fireplaces installation

At Felixstowe you can find a large range of fireplaces, because buying a fireplace is a long-term purchase that has many advantages in the everyday life of the household. It can become the heart of the family hearth and, in addition to its primary role, which is room heating, it will bring pleasure to the everyday life of the house's inhabitants. When buying a fireplace, you need to consider what function is to be performed in our home, whether we want it to be mainly a decoration for the living room or to heat the whole house. We have to rethink the investment and operating costs, aesthetic values ​​and the comfort of using a given fireplace.


In Felixstowe, companies dealing in the sale and installation of fireplaces offer comprehensive and professional service, and they approach each order individually. Their employees are constantly expanding their knowledge during training to be masters in their profession. They cooperate with the best producers of fireplace inserts and have a wide range of products.


The companies in Felixstowe offer a wide selection of fireplaces and stoves. They have tile, marble, soapstone fireplaces and fireplace inserts. Their offers also include a fireplace casing made of marble, brick and other products that the client wishes. Before doing our work, each client can view a project prepared especially for him. It has the ability to change the shape, color and size. The customer receives a certificate that allows its use and the manufacturer's warranty.


Choosing the right fireplace insert is an essential element of the fireplace construction. It is imperative to establish its power. If the fireplace is to be used as a source of heating the house, you should make a system of pipes for the distribution of hot air or choose an insert with a water jacket, which we plug into the existing central heating or underfloor heating system. The best and long-lasting heat are cast iron inserts.



Fireplaces manufacturing companies

Below you can find a list with fireplaces manufacturing companies:


What is a fireplace?

The fireplace is a covered firebox, built of a recess in the wall above the floor level, a framing protruding from the wall face, on which the hood that discharges fumes to the smoke duct rests, in accordance with fire regulations.