Glasgow hostess

Glasgow hostess

A hostess from Glasgow is a person working at fairs, exhibitions, banquets, events and conferences. She often works as a representative of brands, they present new products in direct contact with the client, dealing with promotion or handing out leaflets or company gadgets.


Glasgow hostess should be a cheerful, communicative, open-minded person with high personal culture. Her job is to talk to people, sell a given product and encourage potential customers to become interested in a given company or brand. She should know foreign languages, because you can often meet a foreigner at such meetings, be physically strong because work requires several hours of standing or walking. The time of their work depends on the needs of the employer, it can last several hours a day and is often associated with trips.


Hostess duties:


What qualities should a hostess have?


Hostess earnings - how much does a hostess earn?

The hostess's earnings are influenced by many factors, working conditions, place of work, hours, and employment. Sometimes their salary can be up to several thousand pounds. The hourly wage of a hostess is higher when she is employed by a company and ranges from £15 to £50 per hour.