Grays orthodontist - malocclusion treatment, dental braces

Grays orthodontist - malocclusion treatment, dental braces

An orthodontist from Grays is a doctor who treats malocclusion, corrects incorrect tooth alignment, and treats maxillofacial defects. It also deals with determining the causes of the defect. In many cases, the patient comes to the orthodontist for aesthetic reasons and the desire to have a beautiful smile. During the first visit, the doctor usually sets a treatment plan and the schedule of the patient's next visits. In the beginning, it is necessary to undergo dental treatment, remove tartar, or treat broken teeth. In addition, X-rays, bite pictures, face pictures and dental impressions are taken. Sometimes the patient is referred for additional tests, such as tomography or a picture of the temporomandibular joint.


Treatment of malocclusion in Grays

A malocclusion is an abnormal structure of the jaws that interferes with the functioning of the oral cavity, causes speech distortion, difficulty breathing or eating. Many malocclusions can be reduced or significantly corrected. It manifests itself already in childhood and remedial measures should be taken already then. Severe bite defects disrupt speech, causing lisp, bad breathing and eating problems.


Causes of malocclusion:

Incorrect bite can be treated with the use of facial muscles and masticatory exercises, and with orthodontic appliances. The orthodontist may send the patient to the maxillofacial surgery ward. The apparatus is made individually for each patient. Sometimes you first need to take an X-ray of the teeth and a plaster cast.


Teeth braces Grays

Orthodontic appliances correct gaps between teeth, tooth crowding, mandible receding and other malocclusions. It does not matter what age the patient is - any age is good to cure malocclusions. There are many types of orthodontic appliances available today.


Depending on the needs, the orthodontist may advise you to put on such a device as:



Such treatment requires a lot of patience because it takes several years. You have to keep to the dates of follow-up visits to check the progress of treatment and at the right time - as determined by the orthodontist, replace the appliance with a new one, larger or wider. After the braces are in place, the teeth may be more sensitive, which can be especially felt while eating.


When it comes to the price of an orthodontic appliance, first of all, the amount for the entire treatment depends on the type of appliance and the malocclusion. Prices for the braces start from GBP 1,500 and end at approx. GBP 9,000. Of course, this also includes check-ups, teeth disassembly and cleaning. The price also includes the development of a treatment plan and an X-ray image.