Hypertensiologist - Hypertensiology

Hypertensiologist - Hypertensiology

A hypertensiologist is a specialist who specializes in treating patients with high blood pressure. He mainly deals with diagnostics, treatment and prevention of a patient who has such problems. Each patient must be under the supervision of a hypertensiologist. This specialization has been introduced recently and is an independent specialization. This specialist works with doctors of other specializations, e.g. with an internist, cardiologist, diabetologist, nephrologist and geriatrician.


Increasingly, problems with arterial hypertension have a lot of adults, adolescents and children. In our country, every third adult suffers from arterial hypertension, and nearly 30% are at risk of hypertension. We currently have over 10 million people in the UK with this condition.


Hypertensiologists treat patients with very high blood levels, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and ailments such as:


Each patient should make an appointment with a hypertensiologist if he / she suffers from the aforementioned ailments. The red light to make an appointment with this specialist is a repetitive pressure of 140/90. Each patient who makes the first visit to the hypertensiologist should bring the latest tests and daily blood pressure records. Sometimes a specialist can make a diagnosis after the first visit, recognize the causes of malaise and recommend treatment. However, if he fails to make a diagnosis, he orders additional tests, i.e. morphology, cholesterol, glucose levels, as well as the concentration of potassium, sodium and kerinin. The majority of patients reporting hypertension are related to an unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, lack of physical activity and obesity.