Internet sales, ecommerce in Germany, Poland, France

Internet sales, ecommerce in Germany, Poland, France

No one is surprised that online sales are a very good source of income. This is largely due to the fast pace of life of potential customers who are tired of standing in long queues. Especially since shopping in a regular store takes definitely more time than online. The market in terms of ecommerce is very focused on acquiring new consumers. Online payment operators are constantly outdoing each other in introducing new and better solutions that will attract more recipients. Already, over 60% of customers declare their willingness to use online shopping. The main guidelines that affect such a rapid development of online payments are the safety and convenience of consumers when conducting online transactions. A significant part of purchases has already been moved to the Internet level. A good example of this can be Black Friday, which once was associated with visiting shopping malls in search of "pearls". Currently, online stores are competing in creating more and more attractive offers. Companies from the United Kingdom are looking for development opportunities and are increasingly conquering European markets and selling online in Poland, Germany and France. These are the markets where e-commerce is growing at a very fast pace


Fulfillment Logistics for online stores in Poland, Germany and France


Many people starting to run online stores initially deal with taking orders, packing and shipping. However, with the development of the venture, it may not keep up with the execution of orders. Over 30% of respondents say that they would be more likely to use online shopping if the shipping time was faster. Logistics fulfillment comes to the rescue here, i.e. outsourcing to all logistics companies all problems faced by online stores. Among the activities undertaken by such logistics companies, responsibilities include, among others, storage of shipments, packaging of orders and sending them to recipients. The fulfillment is used primarily by distributors, marketing agencies, producers, or online selling and e-commerce companies. It is important that the delivery of products to the customer very fast (no more than 48 hours). To meet the delivery deadline in France, Germany and Poland, you must use professional and experienced fullfilment logistics.


How to advertise an online store in France, Germany and Poland?


What most attracts the attention of potential customers when shopping online? Certainly good advertising! People are definitely more eager to shop on online platforms that have a well-established brand. A good example of this are ebay, amazon, idealo and allegro, which have a proven reputation, thus arousing considerable customer trust. Internet comparison websites, which are increasingly being introduced in most online stores, are also very popular. Thanks to this solution, a person can easily compare the parameters of the observed product. With this solution, online stores unite customers because they provide all the most important information to customers. To advertise your online store, e-commerce should also be advertised using the adwords, google shopping tool so that the advertisement reaches customers from France, Poland and Germany.


Types of software for online stores – ecommerce


There are many online store / ecommerce systems, but how do you choose the best one? To start selling in an online store, you should answer questions such as: how many articles do we want to offer, how much traffic will the store generate, what functional features are most important to you, and what budget do you have for this project? It's definitely worth taking a look at Open Source platforms, i.e. Magento, PrestaShop or WooCommerce. Installation of these stores requires its own server, so we are its owners. Open source platforms definitely enable future development because they are developed by many programmers around the world. The choice of free software store usually involves the need to buy paid plugins, so-called plugins that extend the functionality of the store, however, these are often solutions that subscription stores developed by one company do not have. Open source platforms are primarily intended for people who want to have their own independent store, know the basics of e-commerce, or are planning dynamic business and store development. One of the many advantages of open source platforms is certainly free scripts, no license fee, and frequent updates. Because WooCommerce, Magento or PrestaShop stores are very popular, there will also be no problem finding a specialist who will help significantly expand the store. A big advantage is also technical support, which can be obtained even via Facebook. A big plus of open source platforms is also access to the source code, which can be easily modified and edited. However, like everything, even open source platforms have their drawbacks. One of them may be the fact that we have to adjust the store ourselves in terms of regulations or legal obligations. In addition, the above platforms do not always smoothly integrate with ERP, i.e. the magazine and accounting system. Remember to check your updates regularly as they are not automatic.


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