Leeds Stewardess - Flight attendant Leeds

Leeds Stewardess - Flight attendant Leeds

Stewardess from Leeds, is someone who works in airplanes and cruise liners. Its task is to ensure the safety of passengers of flight and excursions. Stewardess must be confident, communicative, open and well-groomed.


The flight attendant from Leeds must have a minimum secondary education, may have a university degree, and professional education is welcome. Most often, young people work in this profession, the age of 30 is the limit where a person willing to this job can be accepted. Stewardess must swim perfectly, have his nerves in check and deal with stressful situations. A flight attendant from the Leeds should know at least two foreign languages, not be afraid of heights or small spaces.


The duties of the Stewardess:


How to become a Stewardess or flight attendant?

A person applying for the position of a Stewardess or flight attendant undergoes a multi-stage recruitment. To get a job, you must first prepare a CV and cover letter. This person must provide a criminal record certificate, passport photo, silhouette photos and, if they have a language certificate. After pre-approval, the candidate is invited to an interview. Then he undergoes language and psychological tests. She participates in exercises related to cooperation with passengers, and her ability to work in a team is checked. At the end of the recruitment, the candidate for a Stewardess must pass an exam that will guarantee the employer that the person is prepared for professional service during the cruise.


Stewardess Earnings - How Much Does a Stewardess Earn?

The Stewardess can count, in terms of the airline and the skills and experience, to earn from 2000 GBP In addition to his basic earnings, he also receives a bonus, allowances for staying in the air and outside the place of employment. In the case of longer flights, the employer provides the hotel and pocket money in the currency of the country. Of course, thanks to his work, he has large discounts on the purchase of tickets for cruises. A large number of Stewardess earn over 4,000 GBP a month.