Neurologist Margate - Epilepsy, Migraine Treatment

Neurologist Margate - Epilepsy, Migraine Treatment

A neurologist in Margate is a specialist who deals with the prevention and treatment of diseases of the nervous system. It examines the functions of the nervous system and observes the reactions of the human body on the basis of which it can make a diagnosis. The neurologist focuses primarily on diseases that are caused by processes that destroy the human nervous system. To complete a neurological specialization, you must first complete compulsory medical studies and pass the required exams. There are many experienced neurologists in Margate.


Margate epilepsy treatment - how to treat epilepsy?

Treatment of epilepsy is strictly dependent on which type of epilepsy has been diagnosed in a given patient. It is a disease with which a very large number of patients struggle.

The treatment of epilepsy is primarily pharmacotherapy. This is mainly due to the results that can be achieved thanks to drugs, thanks to pharmacotherapy it is possible to achieve good epilepsy control in even 60-80% of patients with this disease. The doctor prescribes the appropriate medications, in which the patient has a reduced amount of epilepsy. Seizures occur when excessive discharges occur in one specific place in the brain and within one hemisphere. We distinguish several types of epilepsy: partial, simple, motor seizures, sensory seizures, emotional seizures, vegetative seizures, and complex focal seizures.


Margate Migraine Treatment - How to Treat Migraine?

Persistent, recurring headaches are a serious problem in United Kingdom. They hinder everyday functioning and are also one of the most common causes of inefficiency at work. Many neurologists do not know at all that there is such a thing as chronic migraine. Worldwide, more than 300 million people struggle with migraine, according to proven data. Migraine is a disease of the whole brain, it is a different way of reacting, hypersensitivity to stimulations and at the same time lack of inhibition against pain. Treatment to stop an attack is the most important, depending on the extent to which the attacks tire the patient, prophylactic treatment is provided to help stop chronic pain. Nowadays, children and adolescents also suffer from this disease, in these cases the pain is usually bilateral. It is accompanied by hypersensitivity to light and sounds, nausea and vomiting. In the youngest children, migraine may manifest as pale skin, nausea or vomiting, decreased activity. If the headaches persist, see a pediatric pediatrician for advice. Unfortunately, migraine is an incurable disease, only it can be cured.


Computed tomography Margate

Computed tomography is a test that allows you to accurately assess the condition of a specific part of the body. The spine and head are most often examined. Computed tomography allows to detect degenerative changes, neoplastic changes or other brain abnormalities.


Margate Emission Tomography

Emission tomography is one of the newest research that is used primarily in nuclear medicine. It is a combination of traditional computed tomography and positron emission tomography.


Margate Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging is a diagnostic imaging examination method that allows very accurate results. MRI is used to study and evaluate minor pathological changes within a specific neurological area.


Electroencephalography Margate

Electroencephalography is one of the basic tests to assess brain function. This test checks the bioelectrical activity, it is performed in very specific cases, such as epilepsy. The command to do such a test is frequent fainting, visual or hearing impairment.


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