Newquay bike repair and service

Newquay bike repair and service

When choosing a Newquay bicycle service, you can be sure that certified technicians will take care of your bicycle. They will provide information on the total cost of the repair, where the repair will be professional and quick. They can also take care of more complicated service works, such as building wheels, centering, repairing frames and threading the bottom bracket shell and crank. These services deal with the servicing and repair of children's, youth, women's and men's bicycles.


The scope of bicycle services performed in Newquay is:


Some repairs require specialized tools - unusual wrenches, pullers and others. Of course, Newquay bike repair shops have all the equipment to help their client repair their bike. First of all, what we cannot do ourselves, such as servicing hubs with planetary gears or servicing shock absorbers, will be done for us by bicycle services in Newquay. They are able to restore an old bike, add a new character to it or build a bike according to the customer's design. If something is creaking on your bike, or maybe you just want to prepare your bike for a new season or a weekend trip, we recommend lubricating the chain, cleaning the drive, adjusting bearings or replacing components at the Newquay bike service.



Newquay bike repair cost

The costs of bike repair depend on the service performed.

Below is a sample price list


The initial cost of the repair given when taking the bike and preliminary inspection may change during the repair, in the event of discovering additional defects or the need to replace consumables. Of course, the customer will be notified in advance