Phoniatrist Plymouth - Audiologist Plymouth

Phoniatrist Plymouth - Audiologist Plymouth

An Audiologist is a doctor who visits patients of all ages, he deals with the diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders, focuses on hearing disorders and treats patients suffering from imbalance and dizziness.


A Phoniatrist is a doctor who deals in particular with problems with voicing, voicing, and chronic hoarseness, prolonged irritation or scratching in the throat or larynx. These can be congenital disorders as well as acquired diseases or conditions.


Phoniatrists and audiologists are doctors who deal with diseases of the voice and hearing organs. It is a branch of otolaryngology, dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of voice and speech disorders as well as hearing disorders, the cause of which may be incorrect speech development in adults and children. Older people who work in noisy environments should have regular audiological examinations.


In the audiological and phoniatric clinic, the patient may receive assistance in:


Plymouth audiologist

The audiologist in Plymouth will look at our ears both inside and out. During the examination, he may ask you to block the nose and blow air out. The next step in the examination by the audiologist will be to walk the patient to the cabin, put on the headphones and listen to the prepared music, where the audiologist will check our hearing. Many specialists can stick a special wire to our forehead as part of the examination, which will help to test the activity of synapses. This test will help the audiologist to more accurately diagnose the source of the hearing impairment, especially tinnitus, dizziness or balance disorders. During this test, the patient must help the audiologist respond to what you hear through the headphones by answering the audiologist's questions. After the diagnosis, the audiologist qualifies the patient for the appropriate treatment: conservative, surgical, physical therapy, rehabilitation of the hearing, speech or balance organs. Young children should have a diagnosis of hearing disorders carried out before the age of 12 months, so that after the age of one year after the diagnosed degree of hearing loss, they should have a suitable hearing aid.


List of Audiologists in Plymouth


  1. Specsavers Opticians and Audiologists - Plymouth PL1 1LB, 152-154 Armada Way,Phone: 01752 253434

  2. Specsavers Opticians and Audiologists - Plymstock - 39-41 The Broadway, Plymstock, Plymouth PL9 7AF - Phone: 01752 402241

  3. Plymouth Hearing Centre - Erme House Consulting Rooms, Plympton PL7 2AU, Phone: 01752 936116


Plymouth Phoniatrist

The Plymouth Phoniatrist is a specialist to whom people who work with their voice should report to problems. They include singers, opera singers, teachers, translators and people whose profession involves using the voice for a long time during the day. Parents with young children who are just learning to use sounds come to the phoniatrist quite often, the vocal cords are most often worn out during prolonged bouts of crying. Very often, adults and children go to a phoniatrist with a symptom of persistent hoarseness that interferes with everyday life. The phoniatrist will conduct a detailed interview with the patient, ask about the past diseases, health condition and what worries the patient. It is worth for the patient to have with him all the tests that he has already done in connection with the existing ailments, it will give the doctor more knowledge about the patient's health. A phoniatrist may recommend a detailed diagnosis, also in order to exclude possible neoplastic changes. A form of treatment for severe speech disorders may be recommended by a phoniatrist, in the case of nodules that may pose a threat. Most often, however, the patient undergoes pharmacological treatment and rehabilitation using exercises recommended by the phoniatrist. A very common help in ailments with voice is the need to properly hydrate the voice organs.