Professional gamer

Professional gamer

A professional gamer is a person who is passionate about computer games and does so for financial reasons. He can work individually or in a team, he receives a fixed salary and cash prizes won in tournaments and championships in computer games.

To become a professional gamer, you must have a passion for computer games, work individually or in a team, build a professional group and find a sponsor. Young men are mostly in this profession, but 10% of women from the UK also play computer games professionally and professionally.


We will give you a few steps that can help you become a professional gamer:

the first thing is to find motivation,


The professional gamer believes that his work has a positive effect on his life. Thanks to this, it broadens the knowledge of foreign languages, improves the condition of the brain, the relationship with peers is better and new material comes to them very quickly.

Being a professional gamer is not easy. This work is hard, just like working in an office or working in production. More private time needs to be put in here, because every day you have to practice before the tournament, meet your team and examine your opponent. In this job, you should have a natural talent for gaming, like to sit for many hours in front of the computer and have a passion for games.


How much earn professional gamers?

The earnings of a professional computer player depend on what games the player takes part in, whether his team wins, and to what extent the player is good at his profession. Certainly, if he goes to a professional team and we have a good sponsor, a professional player can receive from several to several thousand zlotys a month.


Work for a pro gamers

The job of a pro gamer is not an easy job. You need to spend a lot of time on exercises, reflexes or develop the right tactics. Time spent on games includes developing social skills, learning more about the game, finding positive sources of motivation, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. On average, a professional gamer spends 9 to 12 hours a day.