What shampoo for hair loss? (good and effective) - Reviews and forum

What shampoo for hair loss? (good and effective) - Reviews and forum

Each of us at some stage in his life asks himself the question "What shampoo should you buy for hair loss?" that it is good and effective because it has the problem of excessive hair loss. Stress, weather and diseases adversely affect the body as well as our hair. Hair loss is often caused by a hormonal imbalance in the pituitary gland or adrenal cortex. With such a problem, you should especially check the composition of the shampoo you use.


The best ingredients for hair loss


Remember, however, that a shampoo for hair loss for women will not be suitable for men or for children.


Choosing the right shampoo is very important, but it is not enough. You should visit a dermatologist or trichologist who deals with skin diseases. These doctors select the appropriate treatment. They often cooperate with a cosmetologist and dietitian who help choose a diet and treatments that improve the structure of the hair.


Often the cause of hair loss in men or women are systemic diseases, among them the most frequently mentioned are thyroid diseases, diabetes, diseases of the scalp, stress, improper diet, hairdressing, exposure to sunlight, or improper care.


A good shampoo for hair loss prevention, forum and reviews

Features of a good shampoo for hair loss

Hair loss shampoo for men - Men most often lose their hair due to the growth of male sex hormones, poor diet and excessive stress. Therefore, in shampoos for hair loss for men, it is worth checking whether they have ginseng, phytosterols, Abyssinian oil extract, coffee bean extract and burdock extract.

Hair loss shampoo for women - hair loss shampoos for women should contain vitamins E, C, B6, pantothenic acid and biotin. Shampoos should not contain artificial colors, fragrances and preservatives.

Shampoo for hair loss for children - in children, the most common cause of hair loss in children is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals or various infections, but in children the problem of excessive hair loss passes after a few months. However, it is worth using a specialist to find out the cause of this condition and implement appropriate treatment. The basis of children's hair loss care should be delicate shampoos based on natural ingredients


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